Support and Discussion.

Updated for Snowmix 0.5.1


Free support is available in the Support Forum. This is also the place where you can dicuss general and specific Snowmix related issues and topics.

In the support forum you can get help for free for most issues regarding Snowmix and related scripts. However if your issue is strictly related to GStreamer, then please consider sender your question to their mailing list.


Posting anonymously.

You can post anonymously in the support forum. However when you do so, please add a call-name or alike so it is easier to reference to. When you post anonymously, the posting has to be cleared by a moderator due to SourceForge rules, before it appear in the forum. This can take hours or sometimes days. So if you want a faster turn-around, create an account on SourceForge and login before posting.


Attaching files.

If you have problems with a specific setup, it helps if you in your postings list or attach your ini file configuration, scripts and any input and output GStreamer pipelines you are using. Please also indicate your specific version of GStreamer.


Extraordinary help.

If you on rare occasions get help and assistance from the authorthat goes way beyond tips, tricks and directions and you feel this help has a great value for you and if you can afford it, feel free to donate a thing from this list below:

  • HiDes UT100C DVB-T Modulater - Tx only
  • RealTek RTL2832 based DVB-T tuner.
  • 2GB RAM modules for an old Lenovo Thinkpad T61
  • Raspberry PI camera.
  • Arduino shields, Ethernet etc.
  • Raspberry Pi - 2
  • Logitech C920 Camera.
  • Soldering Iron of good quality.
  • Stocks of unused electronics
  • PayPal donations

One should also never underestimate the effect and usefulness of a direct offer of bribe, should you need assistance :-)


Paid Support

If you need assistance beyond what the free support forum can reasonably offer, then paid consultancy is available within the areas of Snowmix, Streaming, Audio and Video Coding, Network Architecture and more. You can contact the author Peter Maersk-Moller privately here.