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Happy with the Snowmix Video Mixer

Snowmix is being developed as an Open Source Project with no funding and based alone on the volounteer work of the developer. The project is being developed to provide the base for Live TV transmissions of rocket launches for another Open Source volounteer based project Copenhagen Suborbitals.

If you are happy with the Snowmix Video Mixer, please consider making a small donation to help ensure the further development of Snowmix. Whether your donation is 1, 5, 10 or more dollars, all donations are much appreciated.

It is preferred that you donate by direct transfer to through Paypal. The receiver should be Alternatively you can use the following buttons to donate an amount of your own choosing either through PayPal or through Flattr.

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All donations are used 100% to finance further development of Snowmix. While developing is fun, documenting Snowmix to enable others to use Snowmix for free in any meaningful way, is a tedious and laborous work.

Thank you for consider donating to this project, if not today, then perhaps tomorrow.

Donation of hardware

If you on rare occasions get help and assistance from the author that goes way beyond tips, tricks and directions and you feel this help has a great value for you and if you can afford it, but donating money is not an option, then feel free to donate a thing from this wish list below:

  • HiDes UT100C DVB-T Modulater - Tx only
  • RealTek RTL2832 based DVB-T tuner.
  • Raspberry PI camera.
  • Arduino shields, Ethernet etc.
  • Raspberry Pi - 3
  • Logitech C920 Camera.
  • Soldering Iron of good quality.
  • Stocks of unused electronics