Snowmix Libraries

Updated for Snowmix 0.5.1

Snowmix Libraries is a collection of software libraries offering added functionality to Snowmix. They are located in the $SNOWMIX/slib directory installed during the installation of Snowmix. They are intended to be included in the ini file using the include command. The libraries are mostly written in Tcl to be executed by the embedded Tcl interpreter of Snowmix. Snowmix Libraries support started from SNowmix version 0.4.4

Standard Libraries

Documentation for the following Snowmix Standard Libraries are available:

Special Libraries

Documentation for the following Snowmix Special Libraries are available:

There is a tutorial on how to use Snowmix Libraries for Scenes available.

Undocumented Libraries

The following are special libraries currently under development.

  • graphs.slib : Special purpose library for graphs applications.
  • radar.slib : Special purpose library for radar application.
  • synctest.slib : Special purpose library for measuring delays and sync.

Library Usage

You can use the libraries by including in your ini file using the include command like this:

include slib/system.slib

The search path functionality of Snowmix will search for the file slib/system.slib to include using the following order:

  • Current Working Directory

If SNOWMIX_PREFIX is not defined, SNowmix will on Linux use '.snowmix' and on Mac OS X 'Snowmix' as default.

Most libraries, the system.slib excluded, depends one or more other libraries to be included first. Any library MUST be included one time only.