Snowmix - The Open Source Live Video Mixer

What is Snowmix

Snowmix is a leading Free and Open Source Video Mixer. Snowmix is a very fast and flexible command line tool with a small ressource footprint for dynamically mixing live audio and video feeds. Snowmix supports overlaying and mixing video, images, texts and graphic elements in 2D and 3D as well as suporting mixing audio sources. Snowmix offers animation, simple and advanced scripting, clipping and pattern gradient blending ... more


Which features does Snowmix offers?

Some of the features offered by Snowmix are:

  • Unlimited number of regular video feeds (input of video feeds).
  • Unlimited geometries and frame rate (only limited by the computer CPU and RAM).
  • Unlimited number of virtual video feeds (copies of regular feeds) ... more

Supported Platforms.

Snowmix is supported on a wide range of Linux distributions and versions of Mac OS X. Snowmix version 0.5.1 release was tested on the ... more



Latest version of the Snowmix source code is as always available for download here.



March 22nd 2016 by Peter Maersk-Moller

New Snowmix Donation Page available for making donations to the Snowmix Open Source Video Mixer ... more

February 9th 2016

New Snowmix version 0.5.1 is available for download. This version Snowmix adds a number of new GUI programs suitable for controlling Snowmix in a Live production enviroment. In addition to this, a number of bugfixes ... more

July 31st 2015

New Snowmix version 0.5.0 is available for download. This version makes Snowmix installable and add for the first time for Snowmix support for industry standard OpenGL hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphic ... more

Snowmix in action for Copenhagen Suborbitals

Snowmix in action operated by the author for Copenhagen Suborbitals in OB-1.



Reviews and ratings of Snowmix, good or bad, are always welcome. Please consider rate and/or review Snowmix. Below are extract from some reviews.

Quote from from the user Diego Fantoma:

The greatest open source live video project I've ever seen. It works fine, it's very easy to install and to understand, offering a lot of possible scenario of use and - not less important - it takes a very small footprint in terms of resources. The author is very quick and detailed in answering to questions. Great, great, great!

Quote from from the user Jordan Johnson:

Fantastic video mixer. Does all I could ever need it to do with less overhead than I could ask for. Configuration is a breeze and the app itself is light and efficient.